Use these sites to learn what careers might be a good fit for you, how much you can make and where to get training

    My Next Move This site is loaded with easy to use information and resources.On this site you can immediately find out how much you can make in a specific career and whether it is in demand, do a career assessment to find the right career fit for you, find out where you can get training, and what that career involves and what jobs are available.

    WOIS –Washington Occupational Information Service Skagit Valley College 2013-2014 Site Code TNE803
    Use this site to take a number of ASSESSMENTS, get detailed information on various careers, figure out which colleges offer various careers, investigate career pathways and much more.

    Career One Stop Explore careers to find out which ones are in demand, what pays the most, where the jobs are and much more. This site is loaded with detailed information and videos.

    Career Bridge Explore Careers, Get more information or find a college

    Check Out A College Focused on what the 34 Community Colleges in Washington have to offer