Applied Medical Sciences introduces students to the medical field, with an emphasis on knowledge and skills applicable to many medical occupations. Students explore medical careers in their areas of interest, as well as in targeted high demand fields for future job openings. Students completing all course work, and participating in a 50-hour clinical internship, will be eligible to test for the Washington State Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC). 

    This is a year-long program (September - June) running daily from Monday through Friday. Two sessions are offered daily: 8:00 a.m. - 10:30 am and 11:25 a.m. to 1:55 p.m. 

    High school students may earn the following credit equivalencies for the school year: 1.0 Science/Lab Science, 1.0 Technical English, 1.0 Occupational Education. See your high school counselor for details. Students who complete all coursework with a B or higher IN EACH CLASS will be eligible for 26 college credits.

    Articulated Skagit Valley College Courses:

    AHE100 Orientation to Allied Health Careers 2 credits

    AHE101 Healthcare Interactions 3 Credits

    AHE 106 Anatomy and Physiology 6 credits

    AHE111 Medical Forms 2 credits

    AHE160 Medical Dialogue I 3 credits 

    AHE161 Medical Dialogue II 3 credits

    NUR100 Nursing Assistant/AIDS education 6 credits

    SOSC113 Job Search 1 credit  
    Students must meet all Tech Prep requirements in order to receive college credit. 
    Students will have the opportunity to earn a valuable Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) certification, as well as a 7-clock hour certificate in HIV/AIDS Healthcare Provider, a required certification for every Healthcare related license in Washington State.
    Fees for the State Nursing Assistant Certification exam, CPR/First Aid  for Healthcare Providers card, and uniforms/equipment may apply. Please contact the program instructor, Ms. Rebecca Martinson at 848.0706, ext. 4017, or Rmartinson@nwtech.k12.wa.us.
    *Own transportation required for clinicals. All clinical transportation and fees are the responsibility of the student.
    All programs at the Academy are required to have an Advisory Board made up of members who are working or teaching in a related industry/business.
    Applied Medical Sciences Advisory Board 
    Tessa McIlraith, RN,BSN, Burlington Edison School District
    Debbie McManus, RN, Skagit Regional Clinics, Skagit Regional Health
    Kara West, RN, BSN, Summit Place Assisted Living