Entry-Level Employability Rubric Resources

Posted by Doug Walker on 3/6/2017

Highest Ranked Soft Skills For Entry Level Employees - Ranked by Employers in the Seattle Jobs Initiatives Report


  1. Communication:


  • Oral Communication
  • Ability to listen (not talk too much)
  • Appropriate use of grammar (no slang)
  • Use of professional dialogue
  • Customer service skills
  • Listening skills
  • Talking in a linear fashion (getting to the point)
  • Talking without use of fillers, such as “ah”, between sentences.
  • Ability to type without errors in spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure
  • Ability to provide concise responses
  • Ability to speak with confidence
  • Non-verbal communication - eye contact, smiling, positive body language
  • Politeness


  1. Self-Direction


  • Ability to articulate what types of training you need
  • Good judgement and common sense
  • Keeping the big picture in mind when making decisions (not being too rigid or too loose with the rules)


  1. Problem Solving


  • Ability to fix problems rather than “band-aiding” them
  • Ability to be proactive and find alternatives to problems
  • Accepts and adapts to change
  • Manages stress professionally
  • Takes effective and appropriate action


  1. Professionalism


  • Showing up and looking the part, dressed for success
  • Being prepared
  • Complying with dress code
  • Ability to write professional emails
  • Staying within ethical boundaries
  • Accountable for actions


  1. Reliability


  • Dependable - follows through with work on time
  • Attendance - regular and on time
  • Communicated regarding expectations, deadlines and setbacks


  1. Teamwork/Interpersonal


  • Respects the cultural values of others
  • Gets along with others
  • Performs well on a team
  • Positively resolves conflict in a timely manner
  • Acknowledges others in a positive and appropriate manner









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