Posted by Rebecca Martinson on 8/25/2020

I can't believe this time next week we will be back to school!  I am very excited to meet you all and even though we are starting in a way that is new and different, I want to assure you that I have been hard at work all summer getting ready to make sure I know how to deliver high quality instruction to you.  

If you haven't already- please have a look at my bitmoji classroom on the overview page. Click the links and figure out what they do.  Right now, since we aren't "live" yet, some of the links will just take you to pages that you don't have access to yet- no worries- you will soon!

What do you need DAY 1?   Access to the internet, and a device such as a chromebook or laptop with webcam.  If you do not have a chromebook, please contact your district or our school directly so we can be sure to get one into your hands. Last year, many students found headphones with a mic really helpful.  They aren't required.  I dont always us mine but if I do I usually just use the cheap ones that came with my phone or my wireless Beats if I am feeling fancy.  I also have some of those gamer headphones that probably work a little better but feel clunky to me. If you get distracted easily headphones help.

Be sure to have a pen or pencil to write with and something to write on- a spiral notebook is great for notetaking.

If you are heading out to buy school supplies- in a couple weeks you will need 3X5 notecards (at least 200).

I have made the decision to NOT require scrubs until semester 2. Instead, I'd love it if you can use  some the money you'd spend on scrubs to obtain a BP cuff and Stethoscope.  There are many types out there and I will discuss the best ones with you as you get ready to begin your career.  In the meantime, I scoured the web and found a set that has okay ratings and is CHEAP:  Dixie Ems BP Set.   You dont have to get this one- shop around and do your research and pick whatever on you think will work for you. This will help us work from home on this important skill and will give us a huge headstart when we come back together in person. Get any color or design you want- it just has to be manual- not automatic.  You do not need this day one, but the sooner you can get, the better.