Patient Comfort Lecture

Posted by Rebecca Martinson on 4/15/2020 6:00:00 AM

Hello Students!  


Happy Wednesday!  Hopefully everyone is logging into google classroom every day.  I have uploaded a lecture for you.  It is 20 minutes long.  I will attach the file here, as well, and give you a copy of the power point.  Be sure to log in to google classroom and answer the quiz questions. You will need to listen to the video, as you wont be able to answer the questions from just reading the slides. 


There will be an exam covering the Patient Comfort Unit on Friday.  It is not long, and you can use your notes. 


Patient Comfort Lecture

Lecture Notes


"Stay safe and healthy.  Please read the urgent notice from Skagit County Health Department released today.  I know its hard, but we really need to stay home and away from others. 

We had 8 new COVID-19 cases confirmed overnight. EIGHT. That's a big spike, and it's bad news. That's not even the total for the day yet.

Look, we get it. You're tired of this, and you think this one little trip (or three) won't hurt. But it will.

Every non-essential trip you take is irresponsible and reckless. If not for yourself, then for someone else. Just because things seemed to be getting better there for a day or two doesn't mean this fight is over.

Everyone needs a grandparent. A mom, a dad, a best friend. Don't be the one who spreads this and causes someone to lose theirs.

Maintain physical distance between you and anyone not living in your house. Do not allow anyone into your house who does not live there, and do not enter anyone else's house. Wear a mask when you make your essential trips, and if it's not ESSENTIAL, don't go. Wash your hands.

Together, we can keep this painful time as short as possible. But it's going to take all of us. Together.

Thanks for doing your very best"