Back to Business!

Posted by Rebecca Martinson on 4/13/2020 6:00:00 AM

Hello Everyone!  Welcome back to business.  I am working hard to see what certifcations we can end this year with and what all I can offer you!  More info to come to you as soon as I have it myself. In the meantime, I will need you all to do your share by checking your email, the google classroom and once per class day- so at least 1 time Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday AND Friday!  I don't want you to miss out on anything important! It is imperative that you let me know ASAP if you are having trouble accessing any of these- usually I can trouble shoot it for you!

If you have a look at the google classroom you will see some new assignments posted.  Unless there is a test that is open for a specific amount of time, you will see assignments posted on Mondays and Wednesdays- Typically with Monday long assignments due Thursday at 2359 and shorter assignments due Friday at 2359.  Be sure to watch the due dates! I know that life happens,so reach out to me if you need extensions, etc.  I am going to try to stick to a somewhat rigorous schedule for the remainder of the year, so you all have the best possible base of knowledge to take with you into your careers.


Some of you have reached out for additional learning- I have opened some special Advanced Study units in AES- if you're interested- send me an email so I can invite you. You should be sure you are getting your work for me and your other teachers done BEFORE doing any advanced study work.  If you do get an invitation- reach out to me to see what the best logical order to proceed will be.