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What's Your Aptitude?

As part of our summer session this year, many of our students particiapted in delving into their apptitude using "YouScience".  YouScience is an online career and personal planning assessment system that helps teens (and adults) identify their own potential aptitudes and careers.  Students were given access to the system to take the series of assessments and receive a comprehensive report. That report includes not only performance on the assessments, but it explains how the assessments reflect strengths and weaknesses--strengths to capitalize upon and weaknesses to overcome or work around. All of that information is then translated into suggestions for college majors (If the test taker indicates they are college-bound) and careers.


These "brain game" assessments are testing for math and language ability as well as interpersonal skills and career aptitudes.  Within 24 hours after taking the assessment, you receive an email notification that your results are ready. You can log back onto the site and view a presentation of the results. This is probably the best way to get a relatively quick understanding of the results. However, you can click on various sections of the report for more detailed information. The report includes personalized comments on each area of assessment. It concludes with recommendations of potential careers and college majors.  This is caputres the essence of NCTA-- post secondary options for career and education! 


The YouScience website has sections for career and college major exploration so you can quickly go beyond the initial recommendations.  The program also allows students to save career options they want to consider and compare with others.  In addition to the interactive, online report, students can also download both a summary and a detailed report on results. The detailed report is 55 pages long while the summary version is seven pages. However, the interactive, online report remains the avenue for serious career and college major investigation. 


The assessments themselves were sometimes fun and sometimes challenging. The point of the assessments is not to get the highest score but rather to identify personal strengths and aptitudes. If you keep that in mind, you should not get frustrated if and when you hit difficult sections of the assessment.


Students will have access to this information for 10 years.  Their personal information is protect and never shared.  


If a student in our summer session program was not able to participate in this opportunity and would like to do so, please reach out to with the student first and last name. 


If you are a parent or a school representative, check out these "Conversation Starter” for some helpful guides to start the conversation with your student!