• Welcome to Fire Science!  School starts on Wednesday, September 2nd!  We will be accessing class materials through Google Classroom.  Each student will have an account issued through the Mount Vernon School District. 



    The Northwest Career & Technical Academy is excited to partner with F.I.T.E. (First-In Training & Education) to offer a Fire Sciences and EMS program for the 2015-2016 school year at our Mount Vernon campus!  Check out this video for a look at our new course offering and our brochure for more information about F.I.T.E.
    ‚ÄčInstituendi, respondere, nisi ~ To train, to respond, to save
    The fire service has a proud tradition of serving their communities with self-less dedication. The honor of becoming a firefighter is one sought after by many, but bestowed upon only a few. Training to become a firefighter is exciting and meaningful. Fortunately, you live in an area that offers a program designed to prepare you for a career in the fire service while you are still in high school.

    The NCTA Fire Science & EMS Program offers professional instruction, amazing facilities, and endless opportunities to not only learn the skills necessary to become a firefighter, but also the skills to be an integral part of a community emergency response team in your own neighborhood.

    High school credits earned include:
    For FIRST YEAR Students:
    1.0 Physical Education
    1.0 Science/Lab Science
    1.0 Occupational Education
    For SECOND YEAR Students:
    1.0 Physical Education
    1.0 Technical English
    1.0 Occupational Education
    College credits through Skagit Valley College have not yet been determined for this new program.