• The Northwest Career & Technical Academy is excited to partner with F.I.T.E. (First-In Training & Education) to offer a Fire Sciences and EMS program for the 2015-2016 school year at our Mount Vernon campus!  Check out this video for a look at our new course offering and our brochure for more information about F.I.T.E.
    ‚ÄčInstituendi, respondere, nisi ~ To train, to respond, to save
    The fire service has a proud tradition of serving their communities with self-less dedication. The honor of becoming a firefighter is one sought after by many, but bestowed upon only a few. Training to become a firefighter is exciting and meaningful. Fortunately, you live in an area that offers a program designed to prepare you for a career in the fire service while you are still in high school.

    The NCTA Fire Science & EMS Program offers professional instruction, amazing facilities, and endless opportunities to not only learn the skills necessary to become a firefighter, but also the skills to be an integral part of a community emergency response team in your own neighborhood.

    High school credits earned include:
    For FIRST YEAR Students:
    1.0 Physical Education
    1.0 Science/Lab Science
    1.0 Occupational Education
    For SECOND YEAR Students:
    1.0 Physical Education
    1.0 Technical English
    1.0 Occupational Education
    College credits through Skagit Valley College have not yet been determined for this new program.