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  • NCTA COVID 19 Aerospace Manufacturing Program Continuous Learning Plan 

    We will follow the general schedule outlined below for our learning starting on Monday, April 13.


    Monday:  I will post the learning objectives and plans for the week.  This will be a modified continuation of our Core Plus curriculum.  May include modified lab activities.


    Tuesday:  Open office hour time.  Students can connect with me to discuss learning objectives and get clarification of the week’s content.


    Wednesday:  I will provide more support material and/or an activity for the week’s content to further engage students.


    Thursday:  This will be a repeat of Tuesday for students to continue to get questions answered as we move through new material.


    Friday:  I plan on using Google Classroom to help facilitate giving out assignments as well as monitoring student progress.  This is a new feature to me but one I’m excited to get used to.


    Attendance requirements will continue as they did prior to our last day on March 16th.  Employable attendance will be expected from each student although it will look different as we will not be physically together.


    I am available for electronic in-person meetings through Zoom and Google Hangout NEARLY anytime: Please be flexible as Mrs. Leander and I are also running a child care facility for a 3 year old and are homeschooling a 6 year old.  A little heads up will go a long way so that we can plan our child activities around your needs.


    For quick one-on-one communication, the best way to get a hold of me is though my school email or you can call or text my new Google Voice number (810) 673-7209.


    For access to instructional materials, you can still access them here on our NCTA Aerospace Manufacturing school website.


    Grades will be updated no later than once per week.


    I am very excited to get started as this feels somewhat like a return to normalcy,....whatever that it. ;-)

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  • Boeing Summer Internship 2020

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  • 2019 Fall Student Survey

    Copy the following link and paste in your browser to complete the survey:

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  • Aerospace Manufacturing Syllabus

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  • Core Plus Aerospace

    This program is designed to introduce students to the world of aerospace and manufacturing.  Students learn all of the essential skills it takes to succeed in a manufacturing world including critical soft skills of the 21st century, advanced precision, serious attention to detail and procedures, and simulated work place timeliness.  The Core Plus curriculum was designed as a joint venture between Boeing and OSPI to ensure that students meet both high school science and math standards as well as all of the hard skills that it takes to succeed as a manufacturing tech in the aerospace industry.  Please read through our class syllabus to see all of the specifics that are included.  This program also articulates 6 Skagit Valley College manufacturing classes.  Students that achieve a B or higher, are eligible for those credits following completion of the entire year.

    At the Northwest Career & Technical Academy, we give students more options after high school graduation.  Whether you plan to enter the workforce, join the military, pursue an apprenticeship or college degree, this program can help.  Along with the extemely rich classroom based curriculum, this program is heavy in hands-on learning.  Students spend time in our composites lab learning how to make and repair fiberglass.  They also learn about advanced composites such as using vacuum to make a part and the VIP or vacuum infusion process.  Students spend time in our riveting lab learning how to take precision and instruction following to the next level by simulating aerospace riveting on aluminum.  There are many other units that are full of hands-on projects where students work together to learn about the world of manufacturing.  Along with these hard skills, this program focuses daily on soft skills.  Students learn about 5S and the Lean philosophy, learn how to work in teams, show leadership, and develop a positive repuation while networking through many educational touring opportunities in the aerospace industry.  All of the real skills you learn will give you a clear advantage when applying for a job, pursuing an apprenticeship, or preparing for college programs.

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