• Video Game Development

     NCTA COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan 

    We will follow the general schedule outlined below for our learning starting on Monday, April 13.
    Monday 04/13
    • Daily Check-In Question
    • Software Check-In Quiz
    • Mid-Semester Review
    • Online Orientation
    Tuesday 04/14:
    • Daily Check-In Question
    • Math Unit: Vector Collisions 
    Wednesday 04/15:
    • Daily Check-In Question
    • Programming Unit: Advanced OOP 
    Thursday 04/16
    • Daily Check-In Question
    • Art Unit: Blender Animations
    Friday 04/17
    • Daily Check-In Question
    • Coursework Submission
    I am available for electronic in-person meetings through Zoom, daily 12 noon - 1p.m. (Links will be provided.)
    For one-to-one communication, the best way to get a hold of me is though my email at lporteous@nwtech.k12.wa.us
    For access to instructional materials, please see our Google Classroom: Video Game Development 19-20 (for which you were sent an invitation at your mvsd320 email account) OR Video Game Year 2 (19-20) (if you're a second year).
    Grades will be updated once weekly, on a Monday. You can view your grades on the NCTA skyward. (For college students, I'll email you a PDF.)
    Other details: