• Video Game Development

     NCTA COVID-19 Continuous Learning Plan 

    We will follow the general schedule outlined below for our learning starting on Monday, April 13.
    Monday: Weekly Plan; Study Materials; 1st Check-In.
    Tuesday: Attendance recorded based on 1st Check-In.
    Thursday: 2nd Check-In.
    Friday: Assessments. Attendance recorded based on 2nd Check-In.
    I am available for electronic in-person meetings through Google Meet, although it's best to schedule with me ahead of time using my email (lporteous@nwtech.k12.wa.us). I will try to follow my normal work schedule, so you can expect me to be attentive to communication from 0730- 1500 each day (although I usually have a lunch break from 1030-1100).
    For one-to-one communication, the best way to get a hold of me is though my email at lporteous@nwtech.k12.wa.us. (Please provide details of any technical issues through screen shot attachments or code snippets. It's no good telling me there was an error without telling me what the error said.)
    For access to instructional materials, please see this site and our Google Classrooms. I have three classrooms set up, and you may be moved from one to another (so pay attention to your mvsd320 emails for invitations):
    • Game Development 
    • Video Game Development 
    • Video Game Year 2  
    Grades will be updated once weekly, on a Monday. You can view your grades on the NCTA skyward. (For college students, I'll email you a PDF.)
    Other details: