• Academics - No, there are currently no academic prerequisites for the Academy programs, but we do have recommendations. Students wishing to attend the Academy need to be aware that Academy programs are equally academically rigorous and personally rewarding. Students should have sound reading and mathematics skills. An Algebra background for entrance into the DigiPen Computer Science program is recommended but not required.

    Employability - Each of our programs is focused on preparing students for employment. Therefore, students who wish to attend the Academy need to ask themselves if they are ready to do what it takes to be successfully employed in their career of interest? Am I willing to be a positive and productive student? Am I ready to show up on time every day, work to my fullest potential, learn all that I can, and leave my work place better than how I found it? Each of the Academy's nine programs will be taught by industry professionals who expect to have students arrive daily ready to work and learn. Dressing appropriately, having a positive attitude, and willingness to learn are key factors for success.

    Attendance - Attendance is a critical factor in determining the success for an Academy student.  Remember that Academy programs are employment focused, therefore just like on the job, you are expected to show up every day on time ready to work, learn and do your best. Missing one day of our programs is like missing three days of a regular high school program, and could therefore be very detrimental to your success. 

    GPA Requirements for Enrollment - No, there are currently no GPA requirements for admittance into the Academy. You have the chance to make the most of your education. You will be the major determining factor in your level of success with any Academy program. There may however be GPA program requirements for participation in off-site learning such as clinicals, intern/externships, job shadows etc. Each program instructor will provide information to students regarding any specific GPA requirements.
    Additional Program Requirements - Students participating in Academy industry connected externships, clinicals, job shadows and/or who are seeking registrations/certifications and or licensing offered in our various programs MAY need to complete additional requirements. Each program instructor will provide students with the necessary information regarding any such additional requirements.
    Additional requirements may include but are not limited to: ability to provide own transportation to and from off-site locations, proof of completion of approved Skagit Valley College articulated course work such as Office Technology, equipment, lab and/or uniform fees, current First Aid/HIV/CPR training, Food Handlers Permit, criminal background checks, possession of a Social Security number, and maintenance of good standing with Academy GPA and attendance. Please contact the Academy directly for further information and program specific requirements.
    • All additional program requirements are the responsibility of the student to complete and/or provide.  Contact the Academy for further details.