• Will I get credits - Students who attend and successfully complete Academy programs may receive high school credits. In addition, students who successfully meet all requirements for articulated partnering college credit may also receive those credits through the Tech Prep process (specific to each program). High school students will receive 1.5 credits per semester and 3.0 credits per year for each Academy program successfully completed.
    • Tech Prep credits will save Academy students valuable time and money, as well as place them far ahead of their peers in attaining professional training and a post-secondary education. Students must meet all program specific Tech Prep requirements in order to qualify for credits which including successful completion of the overall program, meeting all necessary grading criteria, meeting necessary grading criteria on all program exam(s), completion of instructor approved competencies, participation in any/all necessary program activities including internships/clinicals/job shadows if applicable.
    • Additional Skagit Valley College articulation requirements do apply to programs receiving certification. Some certificate programs must meet the SVC requirement of completion of Office Techology course work in order to obtain the certification.
    • See your program instructor for specific details.  
    Students are also eligible for various credits through the Credit Equivalency process (click on 2011-2012 Credit Equivalency Chart below). Please check with your high school counselor for details on which credit equivalencies may apply to your graduation plan.

    Note:Skagit Valley College students will earn regular college credits as noted for each of the programs per college criteria. High school students wishing to obtain college credit must successfully complete the program and meet all college articulation requirements.