• Thank you for your interest in applying to the Northwest Career & Technical Academy! We typically serve students during their junior and senior year of high school when they’re ready to step out and step up to a career pathway!


    We are taking applications for second semester through the first week of February.  CLICK HERE for the application.  This is how you apply:


    • Look at your high school and beyond plan to identify the career pathway you are interested in pursuing.  It's ideal that you have spent time in exploratory classes at your high school or through and NCTA Summer Session Program and NCTA is the next step in preparation.

    • Fill out the student section on the first page.

    • Work with your family to explain your purpose in wanting to attend NCTA.  Have them complete the left section on the back of the application.

    • Connect with your high school counselor or other representative to ensure that NCTA is the right fit for you.  Have them complete the right section on the back of the application.  They will then send it to NCTA!

    • A welcome packet will arrive in the mail!


    If you are interested applying for the 2019-2020 school year, check back after February 8! We are moving to an online application process to streamline enrollment!