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    Aerospace Explore the world of manufacturing and what it means for you with hands-on activities related to aerospace manufacturing in our regional area.  Students will investigate materials, processes, history of flight as it pertains to manufacturing and scientific principles.


    Construction This class will expose students to various construction and carpentry skills and techniques with topics including concrete work, framing, residential construction, building techniques, tool use and safety, along with residential electrical wiring, plumbing, and carpentry and contracting. Students will also be learning aspects of building through model construction.


    Applied Medical Science This course will take an in depth look at body systems and common disease processes, as well as information and resources about a wide variety of Medical Careers. Students will have the opportunity to participate in labs and hands on procedures at home.


    Culinary Arts This program will focus on foundation culinary knowledge and techniques.  Students will learn some basic baking and cooking preparations, along with some experimenting with how one modification to a recipe or practice changes the outcome of the product.


    Money & Business Let's Get Down to Business! This summer course will explore the business world. We will explore the business world by looking at the following sectors: Entrepreneurship, Social Media & the Web, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, and Sports & Entertainment.


    Welding  The summer welding is an industry-based class that will cover welding theory and its application, measurement, and creative design. Will be using current trade developed software as well as virtual classroom presentations. Students will access the basics of precision measurement and tools of the trade.


    Veterinary Assisting A whirlwind overview of pet care, animal anatomy, and kennel procedures.  Students will focus on a different animal species (dogs, cats, reptiles, small mammals) or a different aspect of veterinary medicine (CPR, wound management, isolation procedures, animal behavior).


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