• Jobs for America's Graduates Program

    Jobs for America's Graduates, founded in 1980, has served one million participants in more than 32 states and 800 programs. For over three decades, JAG programs have helped students achieve their goals to obtain employment, stay in school to graduate and to go on to college or other post secondary education. The purpose of JAG has always been to "make a difference" in the personal, professional,and career life of students.  To learn more about JAG go to http://www.jag.org/

    Student Selection and Database

    · Must be a high school student enrolled at the Northwest Career and Technical Academy

    · Selection is based on number and type of barriers to student success

    · JAG tracks students barriers and progress through a national information system


    · Graduation  from high school
    · Enrollment in post secondary training including a 2year, 4 year college, apprenticeship or other technical training program
    · Serving in the U.S. Military
    · Job placement in part-time or full-time position


    · One-on-one counseling for students to help identify goals and support in reaching goals

    · Training on how to apply for college, obtain money for college, and college testing

    · Career readiness training including job skills and job search techniques

    · For specific qualified students –financial support for materials, tests, classes, credit retrieval and so forth