• NCTA COVID 19 Criminal Justice Program Continuous Learning Plan 
    We will follow the general schedule outlined below for our learning starting on Monday, April 13.  This schedule is subject to change and will be posted on Google Classroom. Good communication is key throughout this new learning model. 
    Monday: Check-ins on Google Classroom  This first Monday I will review with you all on current assignments missing or due. Skyward will be up to date to include work being completed during this first phase.
    Tuesday: new material introduced - assignment(s) given 9:30 - 11:30
    Wednesday: available for questions or review from 9:30 - 11:30 AM
    Thursday: Assignment(s) due by 4:00 PM available for questions or review 9:30-11:30 AM
    Friday: Assignment(s) graded. Please check skyward after 5:00 PM for updated grades
    I am available for electronic messaging through my work email:
    jgreen@nwtech.k12.wa.us; and zoom to be added at a later date. All google classroom assignments MUST be sent through the google classroom
    For one-one one communication in an emergency; the best way to get a hold of me is though my cell phone 360-580-4284. Please only use this as a last resort. My email and google classroom contact should be the main form of communication.
    For access to instructional materials, please see the google classroom page which you have already been given access to; and all but one student has joined. 
    Grades will be updated weekly; each Friday 
    Other details:  It is important that you continue daily check-ins on Google Classroom and complete missing work as well as new assignments as they become available. 


    Mr. John Green
    Criminal Justice Instructor
    Captain, Aberdeen Police Department (Retired)
    NW Career and Technical Academy
    2005 West Campus Place
    Mount Vernon, WA 98273
    360-848-0706 ext. 4022



     Link to Video About the Class

    Criminal Justice and Public Safety 

    It is the mission of the NW Career and Technical Academy Criminal Justice and Public Safety program to provide a comprehensive, and hands on curriculum that challenges and prepares those students who are interested in a career within the Criminal Justice field. This course provides an overview of the American Criminal Justice System and introduces students to the many career paths available within this broad, exciting, and growing field. Students will learn about the legal, professional, and ethical standards and obligations expected of Law Enforcement professionals in the field, the courtroom, and the community. Students will be given significant exposure to the U.S. and Washington State Constitutions, criminal Laws, and the courts while also exploring a range of social, historical, and political issues within the field. CPR training, hazardous materials awareness, and the National Incident Management System are also included in this program. Upon successful completion students will be able to identify and plan the necessary steps to achieve their career goals within the fields of Criminal Justice and Public Safety. High School Credits Earned: 0.5 Civics (S2), 0.5 Physical Education (S1), 1.0 Technical English and 1.0 Occupational Education.

    Course Overview:

    ·         History of Law Enforcement

    ·         Criminal Procedures

    ·         Report Writing

    ·         Criminal Investigations

    ·         Forensic Investigations

    ·         Ethical Issues in Law Enforcement

    ·         Physical Fitness

    ·         Safety, Health, Environmental Factors

    ·         Defensive Tactics/Use of Force

    ·         Criminal Law

    This program is offered at the Mount Vernon Campus. 


    In addition to the high school credits, students that earn a B or better qualify for the following college credits through Skagit Valley College tuition free!

    • CJ 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3 cr
    • CJ 111 Criminal Justice Procedures 3 cr
    • PE 200 First Aid, Safety, & CPR, 2 cr

    For more information, contact the instructor, Mr. John Green, JGreen@nwtech.k12.wa.us,  or call 848-0706, ext 4022