• Smarter Than Your Dog, Anacortes, WA
    Part-time Doggy Daycare/Boarding Kennel Position (weekends)
    Email: Kelly @ smarterthanyourdog@gmail.com or call 360-293-2155

    Looking for an applicant who has some dog knowledge and experience. Part time work available in the daycare, but most importantly, need to fill a weekend shift in boarding. This is a unique position from the standpoint that the person must be very trustworthy since they will be working alone on weekends. This applicant  will complete dog intakes and disposition; this includes care documentation, taking payment and documenting in our computer software system, Gingr. This person will feed and administer medications. Many of our boarding dogs attend daycare. During the hours of 9:30  am to 2:00 pm dogs are brought from their boarding suite into the daycare to join a pack. As you know it is important to understand dog social ques early and how to manage group dynamics in a dog pack. A very large part of this job are cleaning duties. The weekday hours may vary, but the weekend hours are Sunday from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm. If the person is a match and they are looking for Saturdays as well, this may be a possibility too. Essentially work hours could be as little as 8.5 to 25 hours.