• Herding Breeds

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 9/20/2017

    Click Here to Review Herding Breeds: Herding Breeds

    Image result for icelandic sheepdog

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  • Sporting Breed Dogs Review

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 9/11/2017

    Click Here to Review: Sporting Dogs

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  • The New Walk On Scale Arrived!!

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 5/5/2017

    Nikko, the Akita, was the first dog to be weighed ---  107 lbs!!

    Displaying IMG_8584.JPG Displaying IMG_8578.JPG

    Peter, the Bullodg, tried it out, too!


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  • Week of Nov 27 - Dec 2

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 11/28/2016

    Weekly Agenda: Anatomy & Physiology, Goat Breeds, Low Stress Cat Restraint, Field Trip Paperwork Due

    • Integumentary System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System
    • Circulatory System Mastery Test (W, Th, F)
    • Goat Breeds - Quiz Fri
    • Dairy Goat Farm Field Trip (Dec 8 TH) - Paper work due by Friday
    • A & P Study Guide #1 (No due date yet)
    • Endocrine System and Sense Organs


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  • Week of Nov 14-18

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 11/15/2016

    Weekly Agenda

    • Complete Nutrition Notes & Assignments
    • Nutrition Study Guide Due Wed; Test Th
    • Restraint Lab - Tuesday, Nov 15
    • Begin Anatomy & Physiology (Intro, Cell Components)
    • Skeletal Anatomy (Mastery Diagram and Notes)
    • No School on Friday for AM Session (8:00 - 10:30)
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  • Vet Portfolios Due Thursday, Nov 3!

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 11/2/2016

    Just a reminder that Portfolios are due on Thursday, Nov 3rd at the beginning of your class period.  Late portfolios will not be accepted.

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  • Open House

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 10/31/2016

    NCTA's Annual Fall Open House is Wednesday, November 2 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm.  Your family and significant other are welcome to come see what you're learning and doing in the Veterinary Assisting Program.  Hope to see you there!

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  • Week of October 10-15

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 10/10/2016

    This week's agenda: Exam Room Assisting Lab Practicals, Pet Loss, Terrier Breeds, Medical Terminology, Immunology

    • Pet Loss Scenarios (in class)
    • Continue individual lab practicals (client interviews & record charting)
    • Field Trip (T)
    • Guest Speaker (jobs for vet assistants in medical research)
    • Veterinary Hospital Procedures Study Guide Due W
    • Veterinary Medical Terminology - Contrasting Prefixes Quiz TH
    • Terrier Breed Quiz TH
    • Begin Non-Sporting Breeds on TH
    • How vaccines work
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  • Week of Oct 3-7

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 10/4/2016

    Weekly Agenda: Toy Breeds, Body Positions & Directions, Medical Records, Charting, Front Office Procedures, Pet Loss, Medical Terminology

    • Complete Exam Room Assisting
    • Review Toy Breeds - Qz F
    • Medical Records, Preliminary Client Interview, Record Charting, Information Gathering
    • Lab Practicum: Client interview & record charing (W, TH)
    • Body Positions & Directions Oral Quiz
    • Intro to Medical Terminology
    • Begin Terrier Breeds on Fri
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  • Week of Sept 26-30

    Posted by Sharon Lane at 9/26/2016

    Weekly Agenda: Hypodermic Needles & Syringes, Sterile Syringe Prep, Veterinary Abbreviations Quizzes, Isolation Procedures, Cage cleaning Labs

    • Hound Cards Due M; Review Breeds, Qz F
    • VMT Quizes W, Th
    • Kennel Attendant & Disinfectant Dilutions Quiz T
    • Needles & Syringes Labs
    • Isolation Procedures
    • Cage cleaning Labs
    • Begin Toy Breeds F
    • New Terms: Body Planes and Positions Terms
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